Medico Legal Reports

Dr Martin Harris prepares medico legal reports as an expert witness and private GP in London. He has comprehensive and very extensive experience in the field of general medical practice.

  • Asylum, Refugee and Immigration Examination.

  • HM Prison Visits.

  • Personal Injury - Road Traffic Accidents, RTA, Whiplash, Neck, Shoulder, Spine, and Back.

  • Accidents at work and home, Assault, Tripping, Soft Tissue injuries (STI), Trauma, and Fractures.

  • Blood Test Interpretation.

  • Circumcision Procedure And Care.

  • Experience in matters concerning death certification, coroners and coroners inquests, qualified New Medical Examiner RCPathME.

    Dr Harris’ opinion and experience is sought across london and the uk. he has provided medico-legal reports and been an expert witness for solicitors, courts, Coroners, insurance companies, employers and others – involving criminal, civil, family matters and clinical negligence.


Why Choose Dr Harris For Your Medico Legal Reports?

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Meet Dr. Martin Harris, a highly qualified and experienced medical professional who specialises in providing expert medico legal reports as a service. With over 40 years of experience in the medical field, Dr. Harris has established himself as a trusted expert.

He holds multiple qualifications and certifications, including various memberships with leading bodies such as: 

Dr. Harris has a keen eye for detail and an analytical approach that enables him to provide comprehensive and accurate medico legal reporting that is highly regarded by his clients.

His services are in demand by solicitors, insurers, and other legal professionals who require high-quality and reliable medico legal reports.