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Reviews & Testimonials

Dr Harris is a very good doctor he checked me very well and I am very happy

Eve Ortiz Avatar Eve Ortiz
February 13, 2024

Estuve por primera vez en Londres y me enfermé... el doctor Harris me visitó donde me hospedaba para ver mi estado de salud y me recetó la medicación que necesitaba para mi recuperación. Él fue amable, profesional y eficiente. Estoy muy agradecida. Thank you so much!!

camila v Avatar camila v
January 9, 2024

Came to London over the bank holidays. Really didn’t feeel good. Dr Harris came out to see me. He went above and beyond to help me. Def feel reassured. Would highly recommend

Batsheva Bitan Avatar Batsheva Bitan
December 28, 2023

Really amazing doctor. He came to my house took his time to diagnose me and also had the medication with him. So I didn’t have to leave the house to go to the pharmacy while feeling so poorly. He also took the time to check on my son ear since he’s been complaining of some pain. I would highly recommend.

Yasmina El-Asfari Avatar Yasmina El-Asfari
December 7, 2023

Dr Harris has always provided advice in a warm comforting way whilst always being professional. He is able to communicate and get to the heart of the issue in a way which is both sensitive and reassuring without causing alarm or distress. He constantly prioritizes his patients welfare and I cannot emphasise that enough. Even when you cannot get hold of him he always calls back within a very short time. He is the epitome of the consummate professional yet at the same time he is able to dispense his advice in a clear, easy to understand and endearing manner.

MrDanga Avatar MrDanga
October 25, 2023

Dr Harris is always caring and attentive and above all professional. He has helped and advised me and my family on many occasions. Dear Dr. Harris, You are one of a kind. Barak

barak chever Avatar barak chever
October 10, 2023

I had a situation that I was quite worried about. Dr Harris was out the area but still took the time to listen and reassure me on the phone. He advised me what to do and was calm and patient and answered all my questions slowly and clearly. The following morning Dr Harris called to check up on me to make sure things were progressing in the right direction. I felt very taken care of. After my situation was resolved he gave further advice in case of future recurrence. Overall a very positive experience.

Z S Avatar Z S
August 25, 2023

My children and grandchildren visited- unwell and needed medical attention. Dr Harris promptly visited and treated to satisfaction. Recommended.

Uri Kliger Avatar Uri Kliger
July 23, 2023

Dr. Harris was very friendly and professional

Ekaterina Videv Avatar Ekaterina Videv
July 6, 2023

I live in Leeds but I am the responsible person for an elderly gentleman who lives in East Finchley 200 miles away. Daily care is provided locally. I received a call from the local carer who was concerned about the elderly gentleman's condition, she had already contacted 111 and medication had been prescribed without a visit but she was still worried. I looked online for a private GP and found Dr Martin Harris, he had excellent reviews. I phoned Dr Harris and explained the circumstances and he agreed to make a visit that afternoon, I was amazed. Dr Harris made the visit, rang me in the presence of the patient and then rang me later the same evening to advise me regarding a future action plan. I cannot fault Dr Harris in any way. He responded immediately, he formed a rapport with the patient, his advice was clear and his communication was outstanding. I am relieved to have found him for this instance and for the future.

Richard Shaw Avatar Richard Shaw
June 20, 2023

An excellent private GP, cant recommend enough.

Tom Walker Avatar Tom Walker
June 12, 2023

We had a great experience using Dr Harris's service out of hours service. He arranged a home visit and completed a comprehensive assessment. He was caring, friendly and put us at ease. He identified the issue instantly and gave us the appropriate treatment. We can't recommend his services enough. Thank you Dr Harris.

Dvorah Lanning Avatar Dvorah Lanning
June 11, 2023

Dr. Harris is Professional, courteous, friendly family doctor. My 80 year old mother had a home visit by Dr. Harris and we are very grateful for his expertise and great bedside manners. We highly recommend him to anyone!!

s ullah Avatar s ullah
June 11, 2023

Highly recommend Dr Harris, thank you for such good quick care.

Eli Kesselman Avatar Eli Kesselman
June 11, 2023

In trouble over bank Holiday weekend. Couldn't face waiting in a minimum 6 hour queue at a "treatment centre" yet again I called Dr Harris who came within the hour and "problem solved"! Highly recommended

Stephen Sacks Avatar Stephen Sacks
June 11, 2023

An excellent private GP, cant recommend enough.

Thomas Walker Avatar Thomas Walker
June 11, 2023

Doctor Harris was very professional, didn’t rush, he took down the full history before he even started examining. Was very helpful and we have a health plan in place because of this visit.

Maryam Khan Avatar Maryam Khan
May 16, 2023

I was lost to find a doctor in london that can help me with my condition and i found dr martin harris , The home visit was quick and professional am glad that he exists.

Az sh Avatar Az sh
May 11, 2023

Dr Martin Harris is treating me for 11 years. He is a kindest and most professional doctor I know. He helped me and my family many times. Dr Harris knows everything about any conditions and always have time for a patient. I am very grateful to Dr Harris and can recommend him as a best GP I know.

Dmitry Ivanov Avatar Dmitry Ivanov
May 9, 2023

My husband was experiencing terrible palpitating headaches and his blood pressure was very high. It was the evening and our GP was closed and neither one of us relished the idea of sitting in A and E. Dr Harris was so helpful and calmed us both down. His advice was excellent and he was patient when we were feeling panicked. His care went above and beyond what we expected and he called my husband regularly to follow up on his progress. Thank you so much Dr Harris.

Karen Joseph Avatar Karen Joseph
April 23, 2023

I wouldn't be alive if it weren't for Dr Harris. He personally drove me to the hospital when I was in a critical condition. He always takes the time to explain things in a way that I can understand. He is in my opinion the best GP in the UK. Rachel

jewelpr1022 Avatar jewelpr1022
April 23, 2023

Icalled Martin Harris to see my wife around 1o days ago. He came very quickly, stayed a long time, ckecking her, doing tests and taking notes. Most wonderful bedside manner, giving my wife and myself full confidence in him. Telephoned later that day and the next day to see how she was progressing. Came round two days later (without my calling him) to see my wife again and continued to phone to see how she was doing. To say he is a caring doctor would be an understatement. I cannot recommend him enough !! Alan W +

Alan Alan Avatar Alan Alan
April 23, 2023

I am very grateful to dr martin Harris for getting back to me on the phone regarding a personal health issue. Although im living in Ireland, and visiting my family in London next week he went beyond and above to point me in the right direction. I would highly recommend him. His kindness and support helped me

Margaret Kelleher Avatar Margaret Kelleher
April 23, 2023

Excellent care came so quickly

Shelley Poll Avatar Shelley Poll
April 11, 2023

Dr. Martin is very helpful and punctual as he arrived to our place. He is kind and gentle to our kids. I am waiting for his follow up and of course a speedy recovery for our child

Chris Lee Avatar Chris Lee
April 11, 2023

Very professional doctor takes all the time he needs to understand the issue he has a special way to cheer up the patient and very caring thank u so much

N20 Avatar N20
March 11, 2023

A very thorough, thoughtful, empathetic and effective service from Dr Harris for my critically ill mother. I don't know where we would have been without his excellent advice and assistance.

Gina Zalkin Avatar Gina Zalkin
February 11, 2023

What could be better than a home visit from a family doctor with decades of experience? Dr Harris arrived at my home exactly when he said he would (during the Christmas–New Year period) and was charming, professional and empathetic. He took time to answer all my questions and didn't 'rush for the exit'. I can't recommend him highly enough.

Andrew Syer Avatar Andrew Syer
January 23, 2023

Is it just me who always seems to have their medical emergencies in the middle of a bank holiday? Really couldn't face a long wait in a walk in clinic full of people with colds and 'flu. Dr Harris came to my home, looked at my (infected) injury, gave me antibiotics - and lots of reassurance. Wonderful - so pleased to have found him.

Olivia Fletcher Avatar Olivia Fletcher
January 23, 2023

Dr Harris is an excellent doctor. He was professional, thorough and very polite. Highly recommend 

January 11, 2023

Truly caring and professional GP. Goes extra mile. Highly recommended

Vytas Rudavicius Avatar Vytas Rudavicius
January 11, 2023

While I was visiting my mother up London, my two daughters became ill, we reached Dr. Harris and he payed us a visit and examined the girls very patiently and kindly and kept in contact by telephone the whole time. Highly recommended.

Ramiro Moyano Avatar Ramiro Moyano
January 11, 2023

Fantastic care and attention from Dr Harris . Very generous with his time and followed up a few days later to ensure we were still ok. Would highly recommend. Thank you

G Grazioli Avatar G Grazioli
January 11, 2023

Dr Harris is an excellent doctor. He was professional, thorough and very polite. Highly recommend 

Mehdi GB Avatar Mehdi GB
January 11, 2023

Timely, helpful, friendly and prompt, highly recommend!

Jeremiah Eiholzer Avatar Jeremiah Eiholzer
January 3, 2023

We called Dr Harris when our son was very ill. He arrived to see him very quickly after our call. He was very professional and emphatic. We cannot recommend him highly enough. We are truly grateful for him. He is not only cared about our son but even gave us a follow up call asking how he was after the treatment. We really had a wonderful experience. Beata&Gabor

Gabor Vilagi Avatar Gabor Vilagi
December 23, 2022

Our children (and grandchildren) regularly visiting from abroad always seem to need medical care! Dr Martin Harris always responds promptly and professionally. Highly Recommended……..

Laurence Foux Avatar Laurence Foux
December 23, 2022

Timely, helpful, friendly and prompt, highly recommend!

jim eiholzer Avatar jim eiholzer
December 11, 2022

Dr. Harris showed great care and attention to detail in providing a Covid test certification for international travel. No detail was too small, and it paid off as I had no issues when leaving London. Would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Harris.

Louise Leahy Avatar Louise Leahy
July 11, 2021

Much recommended!! All 3 of our children received private Covid tests from Dr Harris. He explained everything clearly over the phone, came to our home at the agreed time, took the swab professionally without any fuss, and rang us with the test results as soon as they came back (always within 24 hours). Highly recommended for quick & reliable PCR tests.

Honk Avatar Honk
July 11, 2021