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Private GP Services London

Convenient, Affordable

Welcome to the website of Dr. Martin Harris your Private GP in London for medical services. Dr. Harris has over 30 years of expertise and experience and expertise, so he offers a wide range of medical services for your healthcare needs.

This page includes detailed information about the medical care and healthcare services offered by Dr. Harris, including general medical appointments for consultations, health and prevention screenings, vaccinations (Hepatitis B) , and specialized medical assessments.


  • Flexible Appointments : Dr Harris provides fast access to the care you need.

  • A Wide Range of Private GP Services Service available to individuals and families.

  • High-Quality Healthcare : Dr. Harris has over 30 years of expertise and experience.

  • Home / Hotel Visits Available :  Home / hotel visit in London. Based in North West London £180.


Dr. Harris is committed to delivering a comprehensive range of healthcare including preventative care and health screening, or medical treatment (not controlled drugs CD) for your specific health concerns.


Private GP services In London

Home Visits

Doctor Martin Harris is a highly experienced private GP in London who offers a convenient and personalised healthcare service that can come to you in the comfort of your own home.

With his vists to you service, you can enjoy receiving medical attention without having to leave your house.

Hotel Visits

Looking for treatment and overseas? Doctor Harris is also able to visit your hotel if necessary,

Whether you're visiting London for business or pleasure, Dr. Harris is here to ensure that your health remains a top priority.

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Workplace Visits

Dr. Harris can also visit offices and other workplaces in London to provide expert medical care to employees.

He will ensure that your employees receive the highest quality of treatment, promoting better health and well-being in the workplace.

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HealthScreens & Checkups

Dr Harris offers a wide range of private health screens when you require a full check-up.

All health checks are carried out by Dr Harris, an experienced doctor who can advise you on issues ranging from lifestyle, family history, risk factors, and general medical advice.

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Blood Tests

Dr Harris offers a quick and painless blood test service; a convenient and efficient way to monitor your health and detect any potential health issues.

His comprehensive range of blood tests can be performed quickly and easily at work or in the comfort of your own home.

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Medical Reports

Dr. Harris provides medico-legal reports for solicitors, courts, insurance companies, employers, and others involving criminal, civil, and family matters and clinical negligence.

Cases include prison/YOI visits, coroner’s courts for death certification, asylum refugee and immigration cases.

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Benefits of Private GP Services

By using Dr. Martin Harris as your Private GP, he offers numerous benefits for his services:


  1. Flexible Appointments : Dr. Harris takes his time to explore your medical background history to understand your individual health concerns and needs. He will provide you with personal attention, appropriate for your medical needs and requirements.

  2. Extended Consultations You will benefit from Dr. Harris’s expertise by thorough clinical consultation and examination, allowing you time to discuss in detail your health and medical concerns.

  3. Reduced Waiting Times : Private GP's have shorter waiting times and even same-day appointments. The result is timely and prompt appointments for your medical and healthcare advice.

  4. Convenience : Dr Harris offers medical services with flexibility in your appointments schedule including same-day or next-day appointments. Patients appreciate this convenience when seeking prompt attention.



  1. Comprehensive Range of Medical Services: Dr. Harris provides a wide range of medical services, including medical consultations, health screening and preventative medicine, vaccination for Hepatitis B, and specialised medical assessments. All delivered within the concept of patient-centered care.

  2. Continuity of Care Dr. Harris establishes a rapport as part of the doctor-patient relationship within the traditional continuity of care leading to long-term care.

  3. Confidentiality : Dr. Harris delivers medical services within a confidential and assured environment.

  4.  Referral to Consultant Specialists: Following clinical examination, Dr. Harris can discuss referring you to a consultant colleague who is a specialist within his extensive consultant specialist network; this will ensure coordination of care and seamless care of your management care plan.


Introducing Dr Harris

Dr Martin Harris Private GP

Highly Experienced

When it comes to healthcare in London, Dr. Martin Harris is renowned for his expertise and experience as a private general practitioner.

He has been providing healthcare and medical care to individuals and to families in the Greater London area for over 30 years.

Dr. Harris offers comprehensive medical private GP services over a wide range of medical conditions, to meet the individual requirements and needs of his patients.

He is a trusted and  highly regarded physician, committed to delivering personalised medical care and healthcare; his extensive knowledge throughout and across different disciplines of medical practice have established him and his reputation within the healthcare and medical community.


Dr. Harris has several different qualifications, capable of handling a wide range of medical conditions and complex cases. Dr. Harris has diagnostic skills since he combines his knowledge and expertise together with Point of Care medical technology to provide bedside diagnosis by means of accurate assessments Whatever the medical issue from routine to urgent care matters, his patients feel and know that they can rely on his diagnostic skills delivered promptly and efficiently.

Dr. Harris includes preventative medicine within the management plan, so wishes to identify and manage risk factors by promoting healthy lifestyle choices.

Dr. Harris recognises the doctor-patient relationship is essential for building trust. This key ingredient is only attainable by taking the time to listen, with understanding and empathy. This is a patient-centered approach to communication with patients and families.

He is a trusted and highly regarded physician, committed to delivering personalised medical care and healthcare; his extensive knowledge throughout and across different disciplines of medical practice has established him and his reputation within the healthcare and medical community.