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London Blood Tests

Blood Tests London

Blood Testing Service  In London, Quick And Easy, Find Out What's Wrong, Don't Feel Queasy


Dr Martin Harris is an experienced Private GP in London offering unique and convenient blood testing services at affordable prices.

You can be confident that Dr Harris uses some of the best laboratories in London, for over 1000 blood tests covering any eventuality.

Fast reporting back of your private blood test with the results usually obtained within 24 hours, which can then be discussed with Dr Harris for additional clinical advice and support.

To book an appointment online, please call on 07896 718812.

✓ Dr Harris: Your trusted doctor for private blood tests in London

✓  Get fast, accurate results from over 1000 blood tests

  Using The Best laboratories For Analysis

✓  Book Your Appointment Today For Peace Of Mind

Outstanding Private Blood Testing Services

London Blood Testing

Dr Harris has an unrivalled reputation for delivering outstanding value for an extensive range of private blood tests in London.

As a leading doctor he uses some of the best laboratories all over London and offers over 1000 comprehensive blood tests. we can cover almost any eventuality and many of our tests’ results return within 24 hours.Once your test results comes in, Dr Harris will be happy to discuss further with you.

Why Choose Dr. Harris For Private Blood Tests In London?

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There are a range of benefits in choosing Dr. Martin Harris as a Private GP in London for your home visit:

  • Personal Attention and CareDr. Harris is one of the expert UK doctors who provides quick and easy blood testing by giving a personalised approach. He establishes the doctor-patient relationship by knowing his patients and ensuring healthcare is appropriate and individual, addressing concerns and needs for peace of mind.

  • ConvenienceDr Harris performs blood tests at your convenience. Whether its a house visit, at work or at your hotel he is fully flexible for all individual tests.
  • Flexibility: Dr Harris offers fast flexible appointment times for fast results usually in 24 hours.
  • Personalised Care: His personalised approach to your blood test allows him to establish the doctor-patient relationship. The care is then appropriate to individual concerns and needs.
  • Continuity of Care: Dr Harris will be happy to discuss with you all of your blood test results and can plan management to ensure the continuity of your care. Simply book an appointment today.

Really amazing doctor. He came to my house took his time to diagnose me and also had the medication with him. So I didn’t have to leave the house to go to the pharmacy while feeling so poorly. He also took the time to check on my son ear since he’s been complaining of some pain. I would highly recommend.

Yasmina El-Asfari Avatar Yasmina El-Asfari
December 7, 2023

Dr Harris has always provided advice in a warm comforting way whilst always being professional. He is able to communicate and get to the heart of the issue in a way which is both sensitive and reassuring without causing alarm or distress. He constantly prioritizes his patients welfare and I cannot emphasise that enough. Even when you cannot get hold of him he always calls back within a very short time. He is the epitome of the consummate professional yet at the same time he is able to dispense his advice in a clear, easy to understand and endearing manner.

MrDanga Avatar MrDanga
October 25, 2023

Dr Harris is always caring and attentive and above all professional. He has helped and advised me and my family on many occasions. Dear Dr. Harris, You are one of a kind. Barak

barak chever Avatar barak chever
October 10, 2023

I had a situation that I was quite worried about. Dr Harris was out the area but still took the time to listen and reassure me on the phone. He advised me what to do and was calm and patient and answered all my questions slowly and clearly. The following morning Dr Harris called to check up on me to make sure things were progressing in the right direction. I felt very taken care of. After my situation was resolved he gave further advice in case of future recurrence. Overall a very positive experience.

Z S Avatar Z S
August 25, 2023

Types of Blood Test Profiles offered by Dr Harris

Dr Martin Harris advises and recommends his patients on private blood test. Here at private GP in London, Dr Martin Harris offers a wide range of private blood tests in London. This includes some of the following:

Dr.Harris offers a comprehensive range of medical services designed to meet your individual healthcare needs. These services include:


Dr Harris carries out a full blood count (FBC) to analyse the red cells, white cells and platelets circulating in the blood.

Liver Profile

Dr Harris carries out a blood test to include the ingredients, measuring liver function.

Renal (Kidney)

Dr Harris carries out a blood test of renal function to calculate your kidney working.

Thyroid Profile

Dr. Harris carries out a blood test of thyroid function, part of your endocrine system.

Lipid / Cholesterol Profile

Dr Harris carries out a fasting blood test of your lipid profile, essential for cardiovascular for heart disease prevention.

Bone Profile

Dr Harris carries out a blood test to assess your bone health.

Vitamin D

Dr. Harris recognises vitamins as 'vit-aimine', meaning essential for life.


Dr Harris recognises the increasing importance of magnesium assessment for nerve-muscle transmission.

Allergy Profile

Dr Harris will discuss with patients the various allergy tests now available.

Clotting Screen

Dr. Harris will assess by blood clotting your risk of clot formation from thrombosis.

Coeliac Screen

Dr Harris has a high index of suspicion by testing patients with abdominal symptoms for coeliac disease.

Tumour Profile

Dr Harris seeks cancer prevention by testing and detecting tumour markers. 

Rheumatology Profile

Dr. Harris carries out a thorough blood investigation of aches and pains including rheumatology and osteoporosis.  

Immunoglobin Profile

Dr Harris checks any blood lack due to defficiency of immunoglobulin (protein protection).


Cardiac Enzymes

Dr Harris assesses heart disease and heart attacks by blood test enzymes. 

HCG Level

Dr. Harris carries out monitoring of HCG level when indicated.

Pregnancy Test

Dr Harris carries out pregnancy tests when indicated.


Testosterone Blood Tests

Dr Harris carries out and monitors testosterone levels when indicated. 

It's important to note that Dr Harris' practice operates on an appointment-only basis, so it's recommended to schedule an appointment in advance to ensure availability.

In case of emergency, it is best to seek immediate medical attention by calling 999 or visiting the nearest A&E department.

How To Book Your Private Blood Test With Dr Harris

Dr Martin Harris makes it easy for patients to book in with him and is just a phone call away:



London Blood Test Packages And Pricing Blood Tests London

London Blood Tests At Prices That Won't Make Your Blood Boil!

For examples of blood test packages, please add £50.00 for phlebotony blood taking fee.

  • Biochemistry Profile1: Renal, liver, cardiac, bone - £45.00.
  • Biochemistry Profile 1L: Renal, liver, cardiac, bone PLUS HDL, LDL and non-HDL cholesterol - £50.00.
  • Haematology profile 3: FBC ,ESR - £28.00.
  • Biochemistry & haematology profile 2L: Biochemistry 24 parameters PLUS HDL, LDL and non-HDL cholesterol - £65.00.
  • Biochemistry & haematology profile 2: Biochemistry 16 parameters - £55.00.
  • Biochemistry & haematology profile 2L: Biochemistry 16 parameters PLUS HDL, LDL and non-HDL cholesterol - £60.00.

Private GP Home Visits FAQ

For screening and diagnosis of illness and disease.

Yes Dr Harris offers blood tests at home, hotel and workplace.

 A blood test can test for many different things including sugar (glucose0 and lipids (fats); then possible to assess the body functioning for diabetes  and heart disease for risk assessment and management healthcare plan. Others tests include thyroid, bone and kidneys (renal).

Depends on which blood test you need-call Dr Harris to discuss your needs and requirements.

  1. There are several different types of test:

    • Full blood count (FBC).
    • Tumour markers (e.g. alpha foeto protein AP for liver cancer , prostate specific antigen PSA for prostate cancer and Ca125 for ovarian cancer)
    • Blood protein testing.
    • Circulating tumour cell tests.

    It is important that blood tests are useful but not alone in diagnosis. Usually necessary to include other tests including examination, imaging (xray, MRI, CT scans) and biopsy..

Blood tests can be useful in all types of cancer, particularly blood cancers such as: