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Vitamin D

Vitamin D

Danger warning following incorrect prescribing of high dose vitamin D patient prescribing requires regular monitoring for safety. A safety warning was issued after a patient was inadvertently given 20,000 units Colecalciferol twice daily instead of twice weekly for a period of three months, after which they developed hypercalcemia.

DOCTORS ADVICE: one local Team has analysed Vitamin D prescribing data in the area and is working with practices to review patients prescribed doses in excess of those recommended.

The NATIONAL RECOMMENDATION for treating vitamin D deficiency is for prescribers to provide a total dose of 300,000 IU orally in divided doses over 6-10 weeks. This is to be given as a one-off acute prescription and should not be put on repeat. Long-term therapy with high doses may be appropriate in some clinical conditions.

PATIENT ADVICE: It is important to ensure that the patient is adequately monitored to prevent hypercalcaemia.