In the extraordinary circumstances of the COVID-19 coronaviurus pandemic we are worried about doctors and health workers becoming infected with COVID-19, expecially BAME-that is Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic community. There is a recorded excess death in this cohort. A group of Greater Manchester GPs, led by Dr Jiva, produced a tool to gauge risk, the Safety Assessment and Decision scorecard (SAAD),-authors have compiled a scorecard following review of many research papers and guidance available. In some cases, there has been a lack of available data to make a clear recommendation and accordingly the group has reflected on the data available and used their clinical experience to propose a pragmatic approach. The system has been developed for all staff within General Practice including both clinical and non-clinical staff. This is also applicable to all ethnicities within the practice.


Staff name:                                                         Manager name:                                                      Date:

234High RiskRow score
Age40-4950-5960-69 70 and above 
EthnicityWhite Chinese Mixed originIndian  Bangladeshi Pakistani Middle EastBlack  
*BAME Other: Any staff that do not fall into one of the categories above, score according to other ethnicities above 
Gender  FemaleMale    
Obesity (BMI) kg/m2 Appendix 1Over 23 (exclude white/ Chinese/ mixed) Over 30 (white/ Chinese/mixed)  Over 30 (exclude white/ Chinese/ mixed)Over 40 (All groups) 
Pregnancy   Under 28 weeks  Over 28 weeks 
Medical Conditions- Appendix 2One condition  Two conditionsThree or more conditions 
Vitamin D nmol/L Appendix 330-50Under 30